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Pre-Appointment Information

Pre-Appointment Paperwork and Registration

Our goal is to make it as easy and efficient as possible to get the care you need. We have moved our registration forms online using the latest and most secure HIPAA compliant services. Please text our office at (810) 720-9111 and we will send you a link to the requisite paperwork.

If you would prefer a hard copy to fill out, we will gladly mail you the paperwork. Please call or text our office at (810) 720-9111 and we will send them to you directly.

Why are annual eye exams important?

Some serious but treatable conditions require early detection for successful treatment and prevention of vision loss. Conditions like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration often have no symptoms in the early and moderate stages of the disease, and when they finally impact your vision there may be permanent damage. For these and other eye conditions, prevention and early intervention are keys to maintaining your eyesight.

What is involved in a comprehensive eye exam?

A complete eye exam involves a series of tests designed to evaluate your vision and check for eye diseases. Please allow at least 2 hours for an adult exam, and at least 2.5 hours for a child exam. If you are prone to blurred vision after dilation, you may want to bring someone with you to drive home.


Kids need eye care too! Our friendly and compassionate doctors are here to provide high quality and low-stress care for your kids. Whether your kids have an eye issue like strabismus or amblyopia, or just need a pair of glasses to help them see better at school, our doctors are here to help!

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What Our Patients Say


"I had a standout excellent experience at this location. Everyone working there was knowledgeable and super friendly."


"I had my first visit at this office today. I was referred to Dr.Connely. I was very pleased with the staff, the time spent with me was very detailed and informational. I recommend Michigan Vision and Dr. Connely!"


"Very nice place. Staff and doctors are very patient and kind."


"The staff is wonderful and you will get the care you need!"


"Everything went fantastic. From office staff to knowledgeable technicians, nurses and doctors I couldn't have asked for better care. I would recommend this facility for any eye care needs."


"I was very pleased with the service everyone was very helpful explained everything made me feel very comfortable I'm happy I went there will recommend to other people."


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