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Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)

Michigan Vision is proud to be the first clinic in Genesee County to offer the STAAR Visian EVO ICL for our patients looking to end their dependence on glasses. Our ICL surgeons have achieved additional board certification in refractive surgery to deliver the best possible care for our patients.

What is the EVO ICL?

The EVO ICL is an implantable contact lens by STAAR Surgical that can eliminate your need for glasses and contacts. This small, flexible contact lens, crafted from 100% biocompatible collagen polymers, is FDA-approved for correcting moderate-to-high degrees of myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism. 

How is the EVO ICL Different than LASIK?

Unlike LASIK, where we use 2 lasers to change the shape of the cornea, the EVO ICL is an implantable contact lens that rests invisibly behind the colored part of the eye. The considerations for the surgery are very different, and many people who were not good candidates for LASIK. 

Can I Get ICL if I am Not a Candidate for LASIK?

Possibly, it depends on the results of your evaluation. As the considerations are very different, ICLs may be the right choice for you if you were denied LASIK because your cornea was too thin, your prescription was too high, or you have medical conditions such as dry eye or keratoconus.

Is the EVO ICL a Contact Lens?

Not in the traditional sense. Unlike normal contact lenses which must be taken in and out from the surface of your eye, the EVO ICL is implanted within the eye behind the iris in a painless procedure and designed to safely stay in place for decades, meaning there is no on-going maintenance to enjoy clear vision.

How Long Has the EVO ICL Been Out?

While only FDA approved in the US in 2023, the EVO ICL has been the refractive implant of choice worldwide for over 10 years due to the incredible results and safety. There have been people living around the world for well over that much time happily living with their restored and improved vision!

What is it Like to Get ICLs?

The outpatient procedure to place the EVO ICL is quick and painless, conducted in our state of the art surgical center. Typically, we would fix the vision in both eyes on the same day, allowing you to wake up the next morning already seeing better! The ICLs are transparent and placed behind the iris, so after the procedure they are invisible to everyone around you. 

What Are the Side Effects of the EVO ICL?

There have been over 2 million EVO ICLs implanted worldwide since 2013, giving us a great window into any side effects possible with this procedure. Most patients report exceptionally high quality vision that often can even exceed their experience in glasses or contact lenses. Common initial side effects are mild dryness for a few weeks, and a slight glare or halo effect which resolves over the first few months. Rarely cataracts, inflammation, or pressure issues can occur. The good news about this procedure however, is that if any of these side effects are present, the EVO ICLs can be safely removed.

Who is a Candidate for EVO ICLs?

The ideal candidate for the EVO ICL is someone 21-48 years old with moderate-to-high nearsightedness, seeking freedom from glasses or contacts. Even those ineligible for LASIK, including individuals with high prescriptions like -12.00 or higher, can benefit from the EVO ICL. Unlike LASIK, which reshapes the cornea using a laser and relies on corneal thickness, the EVO ICL procedure is not dependent on corneal thickness. As no corneal tissue is removed, people who previously were told they are not candidates for LASIK, PRK, or SMILE, may still be eligible for ICL.

EVO ICL may be the ideal choice for you if you are concerned about dry eyes or seeking an alternative to LASIK for vision correction. The visual outcomes with EVO ICL, LASIK, and PRK are all excellent, and as with any medical procedure, your options should be thoroughly discussed with your surgeon.

Am I a Candidate for EVO ICLs?

To determine if you are a candidate, the expert team at Michigan Vision must perform a detailed and comprehensive examination of your eyes. This full service examination also will evaluate you for any additional refractive procedures, including LASIK and CLR, in order to ensure we are able to provide you all your options and help guide you to the best possible results for your journey.

Can I do a Telehealth Visit?

Yes! We provide complimentary telehealth visits where you can speak directly with your future surgeon about all the options and have any questions answered. This telehealth visit cannot substitute for a thorough and complete examination, we need to see you and perform all the imaging to ensure you are a good candidate for this or any procedure.

Benefits of EVO ICL

  • Exceptional vision quality
  • Removable if needed
  • Very fast visual recovery
  • Corrects moderate to high myopia
  • Great option for people who may not qualify for LASIK or PRK
  • Safe with thin corneas and keratoconus
  • Very low risk for dry eye
  • Safe for high-impact lifestyles (boxing, MMA, military)
  • Much lower cost than years of contacts and glasses
  • Financing available


What Our Patients Say


"I had a standout excellent experience at this location. Everyone working there was knowledgeable and super friendly."


"I had my first visit at this office today. I was referred to Dr.Connely. I was very pleased with the staff, the time spent with me was very detailed and informational. I recommend Michigan Vision and Dr. Connely!"


"Very nice place. Staff and doctors are very patient and kind."


"The staff is wonderful and you will get the care you need!"


"Everything went fantastic. From office staff to knowledgeable technicians, nurses and doctors I couldn't have asked for better care. I would recommend this facility for any eye care needs."


"I was very pleased with the service everyone was very helpful explained everything made me feel very comfortable I'm happy I went there will recommend to other people."


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