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Michigan Vision: Your Trusted Partner in Eye Care

At Michigan Vision, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal eye health. One of the prevalent eye conditions affecting millions of Americans is glaucoma. With over 3 million people living with glaucoma and an additional 200,000 diagnosed each year, it’s crucial to be informed about this eye disease. Our dedicated team of eye care professionals is here to provide you with expert guidance to ensure the best possible care for your eyes.

Chart illustrating how glaucoma affects an eye

Understanding Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a serious eye disease characterized by optic nerve damage. Glaucoma often is due to elevated pressure inside the eyes, preventing enough blood from reaching the ends of the nerve inside the eye. Unfortunately, many individuals may not realize they have glaucoma until they develop serious vision loss, and glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in older adults.

Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma (POAG)

This is the most common type, and its progression is slow, often showing no noticeable symptoms until significant damage has occurred. Regular eye exams are crucial for early detection and effective management.

Angle-Closure Glaucoma

Less common but more urgent, angle-closure glaucoma requires immediate attention. The condition affects vision from its onset, emphasizing the importance of seeking medical help as soon as symptoms arise.

Secondary Glaucomas

Glaucoma can occur from inflammation inside the eye, clogs in the drain system, trauma, or a cataract closing off the drain of the eye.


Glaucoma often develops without noticeable symptoms in its early stages. As the disease progresses, individuals may experience vision loss, tunnel vision, eye pain, and headaches. Regular eye check-ups are essential for early detection.

Our comprehensive eye exams include various tests to assess eye health and detect glaucoma. These tests may include tonometry to measure eye pressure, visual field tests, and imaging of the optic nerve.

While there is no guaranteed prevention, early detection and timely intervention can effectively manage glaucoma and slow its progression. Regular eye exams play a crucial role in preventing severe vision impairment.

The choice of treatment depends on individual circumstances. Options may include medication, laser procedures, trabeculectomy, stent placement, iridotomy, or cyclophotocoagulation. The goal is to reduce eye pressure and prevent further optic nerve damage. Our practice specializes in Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS), allowing our patients to reduce or potentially eliminate their need for daily eye drops. SLT (selective laser trabeculoplasty) is a painless laser technique that helps stimulate the cells that make up your eye’s natural drain system to filter fluid more efficiently, and may work better at controlling glaucoma while eliminating the need to remember to use the drops every day. Durysta and iDose are two forms of extended release medication that can be gently placed in the eye, allowing for a consistent dosage that replaces eye drops for up to 1 year. The Hydrus and iStent are microscopic implants that can be placed into the eye’s natural drain system, either independently or during cataract surgery, which can enhance your eye’s natural ability to drain fluid and lower pressure. Xen gel-stents are an implantable stent that allows fluid to shunt out of the eye to allow for larger decreases in pressure bypassing a damaged or sick natural drain system. There are many options, and your expert surgeons will guide you in how to best manage your specific glaucoma needs.

No! While glaucoma is not something that can be cured, there are many options available that can help control glaucoma and relieve the burden of using drops every day and purchasing medicines every month. Our practice offers the latest technology including the most current MIGS (Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery), SLT, and implantable medications, to improve the control of your glaucoma without the need to juggle multiple medications per day. Additionally, we are able to perform MIGS at the time of cataract surgery to further decrease dependence on medication.

Request Your Glaucoma Consultation Today!

Did you know that glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness globally? Don’t wait for symptoms to appear—schedule an appointment with one of our experienced eye doctors for a comprehensive glaucoma consultation. Early detection and personalized treatment plans are key to preserving your vision.

At Michigan Vision, we prioritize your eye health, offering advanced care and personalized attention. Trust us to be your dedicated partner in maintaining clear, healthy vision.


What Our Patients Say


"I had a standout excellent experience at this location. Everyone working there was knowledgeable and super friendly."


"I had my first visit at this office today. I was referred to Dr.Connely. I was very pleased with the staff, the time spent with me was very detailed and informational. I recommend Michigan Vision and Dr. Connely!"


"Very nice place. Staff and doctors are very patient and kind."


"The staff is wonderful and you will get the care you need!"


"Everything went fantastic. From office staff to knowledgeable technicians, nurses and doctors I couldn't have asked for better care. I would recommend this facility for any eye care needs."


"I was very pleased with the service everyone was very helpful explained everything made me feel very comfortable I'm happy I went there will recommend to other people."


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